What is NoSQL Database and its Benefits

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What is NoSQL Database and its Benefits A NoSQL (originally known as "non SQL" or "non relational") database serves a method for storage and extraction of data that is modelled in a way different than the tabular relations applied in relational databases. It is known that NoSQL is essentially an approach to database design which can properly contain a wide range of data models, comprising of document, key-value, columnar and graph formats. It is basically an alternative to relational databases...

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Outsourcing Pricing Models and Which One is Best Suited to you


Outsourcing Pricing Models and which one is best suited to you For calculating a price, the pricing model is basically a computerized system which considers costs, anticipated margins, etc. When interrelating with an outsourced partner for an outsourced project, choosing the appropriate pricing model could sound confusing. You need to maintain equilibrium between the risk and reward for both the parties while making sure that your outsourcing partner delivers solutions. Thus, it guarantees that you are getting the maximum value...

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Software Product Development using Agile Methodology

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Software Product Development using Agile Methodology The Agile methodology is basically an iterative approach to software product development that is carried out in a collaborative environment through the help of self-organizing teams. It is the methodology that efficiently produces high-quality software in a timely and cost-effective manner to satisfy the varying needs of stakeholders. It is known that majority of software development can be categorized as either Agile or Waterfall kinds of methodologies. Waterfall methodology focuses on the approach in which...

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IoT – Internet of Things: STEP BY STEP

Internet of Things: STEP BY STEP Caution: The world is straying down the basics of IoT development, but you shouldn’t. While the world has been humming with the mesmerizing phenomenon of IoT, the overcooked concept does come with a hidden, ignored risk for you. The analysts and the tech leaders have thrown alarming signals redirecting the industry on how they go about breeding IoT within their boardrooms and cubicles. In Aalpha’s pro-actively informative blog, this article gives you a how-to-go-about...

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The Potential of AI for a Brighter Future


The Potential of AI for a Brighter Future How bright would the ‘light’ be after a starry night of AI? The present calendar year has witnessed artificial intelligence as it has made the world its playground – from learning platforms to retails, from business solutions to corporate investments, there is nothing in the industry that hasn’t found itself out of the broad spectrum of AI trend. Obeying the laws, as something goes up it is sure to come down, AI...

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Indian IT Industry – The Dark Side of the Light

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Indian IT Industry - The Dark Side of the Light OUR IT INDUSTRY IS A UNIFIED UNIVERSE. FIRST, IT THREW UP JOBS IN NUMBERS AS MANY AS PLANETS AND NOW CREATING DANGEROUS BLACK HOLES CALLED ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE WHICH CAN NOT ONLY TAKE OVER THEIR JOBS BUT COMPLETELY OVER POWER HUMANS. The trend of offshoring has made the Indian IT industry to grow at a blazing speed for last 15 years or so. The industry has been flooded with projects of developing...

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Device Management at IoT Solutions


Device Management at IoT Solutions The tricky side of the most common phenomenon today The Indian IT industry been fascinated to analytics and machine learning and they have been demanding the inculcation of the same in their applications. There has been an ‘automated’ notion that these are essential constituents for ‘value addition to their IoT applications and the related data. On their hunt for intriguing and mean IoT applications, the clients tend to have diminished one of the trickiest and a crucial-to-the-core...

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All you need to know about Blockchain as a Service


Still Floating on Clouds? All you need to know about Blockchain as a Service (BaaS) Over the years, the considerable price increase in the initial coin offering (ICO) and cryptocurrencies like bitcoins have put Blockchain technology in the limelight. Meanwhile, many tech giants have been seen attracted towards Blockchain or DLTs for adoption. To test the potential of Blockchain technology, companies like Deloitte, Microsoft, IBM, Oracle, Baidu, and Tencent are developing their platforms to offering a Blockchain as a Service (Baas)....

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Native vs. Hybrid App development


Advantages and Disadvantages of Native vs. Hybrid App Development For many companies, it is found that a mobile app is an essential for shaping their business. Developing an enterprise mobile application could be a bonus for your business; however, there are various approaches to fulfil the objective, based on the requirement of your company. It is known that basically there are two kinds of mobile apps i.e., native platform apps and hybrid apps. Both of them provide diverse features which...

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What Innovations are done or going on in the field of Mobile App Development?       

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What Innovations are done or going on in the field of Mobile App Development? The utilization of mobile applications has tremendously increased over the last several years. By ever increasing adoption of contemporary smartphones, there is a number of consumers who make use of apps with the purpose to order the food, perform banking transactions, book tickets, enjoy their favorite music, etc. Presently, the world is becoming digitalized, where the task of being in touch with colleagues, or friends present...

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