Python Development Best Practices

Python development best practices

Python was developed by Guido Van Rossum and it was launched in 1991. It is a multi-purpose high-level language that is used to perform several tasks. Python is platform independent. It is simple to understand and easy to use hence it has become one of the world’s fastest growing coding languages.  Being said, let’s dive into more information about Python. Python is your first choice? If you are thinking to get an application or website developed for your business, you...

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All you need to know about SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS

saas iaas paas difference

Everyone these days is aware and highly involved in technological services. Businesses these days consider technology as a crucial part of their marketing strategy. Every business, be it small or big, looks for ways of exposure. In search of better results, they get attracted to e-commerce. Now, e-commerce is a broad term. Here we will know about a few acronyms that get used in e-commerce development. One such important term is cloud computing. Are you aware of the term cloud...

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Why to Choose Cloud-Based Mobile App Development?

Cloud-Based Mobile App Development

Cloud-based computing is assumed to be paramount in the digital world with the exponential growth in applications being developed around cloud computing. According to CISCO, over 94% of workload and computing systems have shifted to the cloud in 2021. Although the cloud has become the foundation for digital business, many still misunderstand its capability and fail to draw on this ever-powerful tool.Before going further into why you should choose cloud-based solutions, let’s first understand cloud computing. What is cloud computing?...

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Laravel Development Best Practices

Laravel development best practices

Laravel is a framework that is developed by Taylor Otwell. Laravel uses the PHP language for coding. Laravle is known to handle complex application programming within the PHP framework. It has a fully structured PHP based framework. It is an advanced framework compared to other frameworks. Laravel got popular when it introduced its packing system known as bundles. Its variety of features made it even more popular. The versions of Laravel started becoming stable and people started using it more....

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PHP Development Best Practices

PHP Development Best Practices

Hypertext Preprocessor(PHP) is a programming language that is designed by Rasmus Lerdorf. It has become a popular programming language as it’s free and simple to understand. It is used by many companies for programming. It is a versatile language that can be used on different platforms and different devices. The dynamic nature of the language has made it popular compared to other languages. PHP development is backed up with a lot of documentation which is very useful. Sometimes beginners or...

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Understanding Agile Testing Methodology

Agile Testing Methodology

As the complexity of software development processes continues to grow, software testing methodologies must improve to keep pace. Agile testing is a new era technique that focuses on testing intelligently rather than exhaustively while still delivering high-quality products. Agile Testing Approaches need a greater degree of communication between testers and developers. Throughout the software development cycle, testers must give remedial feedback to the development team. This is the era of continuous integration of testing and development methodologies. Agile Testing Methodology...

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MVP Development Best Practices

MVP development best practices

A Minimum Viable Product(MVP) mainly focuses on the results of a trial product before the final product is launched in the market. The MVP concept is from the book ‘The Lean Startup’ written by Eric Reis.  It is a technique to ensure that the final product finds its place in the market. For that, a new product similar to the main product is launched which contains the basic features to grab the attention of the audience. Once the reviews of...

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Design Strategies for Ecommerce Websites

Design strategies for ecommerce websites

In this Article we are going to focus on Design strategies for eCommerce websites! Are you an e-commerce website owner or a designer and looking for ways to enhance your website? Or are you a customer trying to figure out what makes for a good e-commerce website and what is the basis to judge which website should be your favorite. You are at the right place. Here we are going to discuss some design strategies that make an e-commerce website...

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How to Create an Auto Parts Ecommerce Store

Auto Parts eCommerce store

Did you know, Setting up an online store has helped every business gain 20% of hype in their sale and has reduced the marketing expenses? Well, the competition is also raising high with this. Online store for selling auto parts has less competition when compared to other products. So, if you are planning to take your auto parts store online, this is high time to start.  Here we have the listed down things you must know to develop an online...

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Top Cloud Application Development Ideas

cloud application development ideas

Cloud Computing Cloud computing is one of the most famous IT services across the internet. It is the data that is shared by different organizations for smooth operations. Cloud computing has become a primary need for businesses to run smoothly. So a large number of businesses are actively engaging in cloud applications for better results. Though cloud computing is the hot new one in the market, the idea is a bigger part of the process. Now that you have decided...

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